Renegotiate a credit buyback.

In the true sense of the term, it is not possible to renegotiate a credit buy-back. It is nevertheless possible to proceed with a loan consolidation buyout or a credit buyback buyout.

Can we include a loan buy-back in a loan group?

Can we include a loan buy-back in a loan group?

The renegotiation of a credit repurchase occurs in cases where a first credit repurchase has already been obtained. The first repurchase took place either because the borrower wanted to lower the amount of his monthly payments, or because the borrower had a project to finance which he could not carry out because of too high a debt. Once the first redemption was made, there was only one loan outstanding. However, once the redemption has been made, it is possible to contract other credits.

Why include a credit repurchase in a loan pool?

Why include a credit repurchase in a loan pool?

If it is not possible to request a renegotiation in the literal sense, one can nevertheless call on a broker, for example, to include this repurchase of credit within another group of credits.

In fact, if other loans have been taken out after a first loan repurchase, the borrower may once again wish to lower the amount of his monthly payments and regain a larger living allowance. It may also be that debts have been grafted: a rent delay, a tax delay, an unpaid invoice… Or quite simply, that the borrower has a project to finance.

We can then simply include the previous credit repurchase in the transaction in the same way as any other credit. And even include cash to allow the financing of a new project. It all depends on the need, the profile, and the project!

If you are in this case, you can for example inquire with a credit repurchase broker, so that he studies your profile and your project and offers the repurchase of credit repurchase adapted to your need. The result will be, once the operation carried out, identical to the first redemption, in its mechanics: there remains only one credit to be reimbursed, with a single rate, over a longer period. The amount of the monthly payment to honor each month is lower than the total amount of your previous monthly payments, and the remainder to live is more important. The debt ratio is of course lowered at the same time.

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