How do I independently check my credit history?

Credit history is information about the use of credit funds for each citizen who has asked the bank. Through this documentation you can find out how the loan was repaid, whether there is a debt to the bank and if so, how much. Before submitting a new loan, the financial institution must check the credit history of the potential borrower.


When do banks request credit history?

credit history?

In most cases you get a loan, bypass the verification process is completely impossible, especially when it comes to large loans such as mortgages. Therefore, it is essential that credit obligations are accountable and pay on time. Early payment saves you from bad credit history.

When applying for a loan, you must give your consent to the request for a personal file. Banking specialists will certainly study it before deciding on the application on the left. If you want to familiarize yourself with your history before applying, there is a way to learn how to check your credit history free of charge. To do this, you must submit a written statement to the head of the bank at the time you apply, in which you should ask you to familiarize yourself with the personal credit file. The bank has no right to refuse you because it has asked the credit bureau for a decision. However, some banks do not check the credit history and set a high interest rate.


How to check your credit history yourself?

credit history yourself?

Today, everyone can view the credit documentation for free. To do this, visit any bank or credit broker site. If during the year there is still a need to check your history, you will have to pay about 500 dollars . For a fee you can check at least once a day. Each application is billed separately.


Where can I check my credit history if I can’t apply through a broker?

Where can I check my credit history if I can

Before you receive your documentation, you need to know exactly where the credit history is stored. Information about credit bureaus (BKI) can be found at the bank where the loan was issued. You can review the loan agreement, some lenders provide the CII address and personal code to get the necessary information.

If you know the address, you must first check the time of arrival and go there with your passport at the specified time. To check your credit history, you need to write a statement in which you want to state your own application. You should not expect data to be provided in minutes, it will take several days.

If your office is located in another city, you must complete the application form and send it by post with notice. Please reply in a month Please note that if you have multiple credits, the information may be stored in different offices. Therefore, if you want to check the history of loans in each one, you have the right to do it once a year for free.

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